Just Earth Farm is a family farm run by Joe Ramagli and Susanne Stover. Our raw milk herdshare operation recently became the 12th raw milk farm in North America to be listed by the Raw Milk Institute (RAWMI). You can read more about RAWMI’s Common Standards for safe raw milk production for human consumption here.

We believe agriculture must shift from a primarily extractive industry to a regenerative system, so that we literally lay the groundwork, rebuilding the soil for generations to come. The soil beneath our feet is the most basic, vital building block of our very existence. Our grazing animals help sequester excess atmospheric carbon and build healthy soil. A by-product of this approach is that cows get to eat more grass; get more sunshine & exercise; are healthier, happier, and live much longer lives.

Whole, nourishing foods are at the core of our own health. So one of the most gratifying parts of working so hard to make the best raw milk possible is hearing about our members’ enjoyment of their herdshares! We love seeing the milk our grassfed herd produces help people improve their health.

We spend our days working alongside our Jersey and Dutch Belted milk cows, a flock of pastured laying hens, our son Cedar, daughter Aurelia, some crazy cats, and lots of friends and family helping to keep the farm humming along.

Contact us to schedule your farm tour and taste our herd’s sweet and creamy milk!