Just Earth Farm is dedicated to ecological grazing and production practices that heal the Earth, with an unwavering commitment to zero pesticide residues through organic-only feed and pasture. We are fulfilled by helping build our community’s health and well-being through providing whole, nourishing food to the families who join our herdshare.

The cows on the farm enjoy the good life, so that they can produce the safest, sweetest, and most nutritionally balanced milk possible. Although Just Earth Farm is not certified organic, every input on the farm is either certified organic or non-certified organic. The certified organic bedding straw, alfalfa, and meadow hay are all grown in Oregon, and any cows who eat grain are fed certified organic grain and supplements at milking times. Cows have access to 15 free-choice minerals, made with organic ingredients, to keep their bodies in ultimate health and balance, so that illness is a rarity on the farm. If any do become ill, they are treated with homeopathic, herbal, and dietary remedies, with antibiotics used only in extreme cases as a last resort.

Rather than maximizing production, our goals are long-term herd wellness through grazing on nutritionally-dense pastures, which make up the majority of their diet. The result of a balanced, regenerative dairy system is not only happy animals and well-balanced, nutritious milk, but also a cumulative healing of the farm we steward year after year.

To that end, our cows are out grazing on pasture whenever weather permits. To supplement their diet and keep them balanced nutritionally, we also feed them certified organic meadow hay and certified organic alfalfa. The cows who require additional energy to meet their caloric needs are provided with high-quality, certified organic grains.

Instead of the typical dairy mineral block or granules, we offer our cows 15 free-choice minerals, plain sea salt, Pacific Northwest kelp meal, and liquid sea minerals. This smorgasbord of minerals allows each cow to choose what she needs at any moment to balance her metabolic system, and in turn creates a balanced, nutritionally complete and great-tasting milk. We do not use chemicals in our herd management except in extremely rare cases, with natural methods used whenever possible.

The average life of a conventional dairy cow is 3-5 years. Through diet and holistic herd health management, we are committed to keeping our beautiful bovine farm partners happy and healthy for 15+ years to the best of our abilities! Some of the mamas of our cows are currently over 17 years old, still milking and still in excellent health. We tested every cow vigorously before she joined the farm to ensure her robust health.

We are honored and motivated by the knowledge that we are helping to heal our community and our Earth, while treating our animals with the utmost respect and love. Ethical, chemical-free, grassfed dairying is a high calling that requires long hours, hard work, and endless patience. Seeing our babies drink safe raw milk and helping our community improve its health truly makes our work worth it!